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Hello everyone!

My name is Duje Jakovcevic, and I am a historian and an art historian born and raised in Split, Croatia. Apart from being a true history buff, I am also a certified tourist guide for Split and Split-Dalmatia County. My favourite interests include local history and traditions, general Eastern European history, and 19th century history. However, the main focus in Split is and shall remain the story of Roman emperor Diocletian and his palace, which has been the core of my city for the last 1700 years. I am also an avid traveler myself, and I enjoy meeting and spending my time with like-minded people from all over the world. Apart from reading and writing a lot, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and learning from others as well – which led me to become a certified tourist guide, what really is my labour of love. Here you can see and book the walking tours I offer. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay in Split, learn a lot and have a great time!

My walking tours

Old Town walking tour with a professional historian

I am a professional historian who will provide you with professional, factual and yet accessible and interesting walking tour of Old Town in Split, Croatia.

Join me for a 2 hours tour of Diocletian’s palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Together we will discover the story of one of the last great Roman emperors, ancient and medieval legends and mysteries.

Above all, experience everyday life in the unique historical monument which has remained inhabited until our time.

Lovers' tour of Split

An ancient Mediterranean town basking in the sunlight, Split feels like a natural scenery where wild passionate love can spring up, quite like Verona of Romeo and Juliet. However, since its very foundation Split has had not one, but quite a many tragic love stories which may be largely forgotten but still remain deeply embedded in the city’s culture and tradition. Join me and discover the most famous love stories of Split, starting with the city’s founder Roman Emperor Diocletian, through Medieval and Rennaissance times well until the 20th century. Together we will find out not only about the most famous and beautiful love stories, but also about the intriguing times and extraordinary circumstances that helped shape them.

World War II Tour

Only a few events in human history have left such a deep and lasting trace in shaping the modern world like World War II did.
The city of Split was no exception, indeed. From 1941. until its liberation in 1944, Split was an extraordinary scene of occupation, resistance and heroism.

Together we will explore and discover what is perhaps the most grandiose story in the city’s
1700-year long history.
Italians, Germans, collaborators, Allies, resistance fighters and other villains and heroes have all played a part in this story.
Now let me revive it before your very eyes.

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